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Photographer Lara Bardina


Photographer Lara Bardina was born and raised in Moscow and for many years she was on the top list of the best photographers in Russia.

She has two educations. Photography and Psychology.

She won the competition and went to the best school of Photography in Moscow "School of multimedia and photography".

The master degree at Psychology she has got at MGPP University. 

This combination is perfect for a portrait photographer so Lara is that kind of professionals who creates very comfortable atmosphere around her clients.  

She made a lot of professional portfolios for Russian celebrities and models.

Lara used to work with the biggest magazines and agencies in Moscow.

Her works have been exhibited in the plenty of Russian galleries.


In 2019 she started working in Miami (USA). 

Lara has worked already with several big projects as the dance show Sleeping Beauty Dreams, the gift store WildEye Curations and the famous designer Fabrice Tardieu. Also she makes a photo content for local bloggers.

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